Travelling to Rousselie Haute

Traveling can often be stressful especially with young children, Rousselie Haute is conveniently located allowing a good choice of travel options, and is within a days drive from all of the channel ports. A rough guide is if you arrive around 8am in Calais you should arrive here around 6pm even after allowing for stops.

Don't forget that sometimes it can be cheaper to fly and hire a car than it is to drive after allowing for toll charges, fuel costs etc. If you are hiring a car a diesel will save you money in fuel costs.

We can help you with your route down as well as providing detailed instructions for finding the house.


The ferry port/channel tunnel of Calais is around 8 hours 30 minute drive.

The ferry port at Caen around 6 hours 30 minutes.

The ferry port at St Malo just over 6 hours Directions.

The ferry port of Dieppe is around 7 hours 30 minutes.

Check out the useful links for links for route planning services, and ferry company links.


The 3 nearest airports are Bergerac ( 1 hour ), Limoges ( 1 hour 30 minutes ) and Bordeaux ( 1 hours 45 minutes )

The low cost airline Ryanair and Flybe fly to Bergerac and Limoges. British airways often have reasonably priced flights to Bordeaux.

 Cars can be hired directly from all these airports.

Driving distances

  • Calais - 8 hours 30 min
  • Channel tunnel - 8hours 30 min
  • Caen - 6 hours 30 min
  • St Malo - 6 hours
  • Dieppe - 7 hours 30 min


  • Bergerac - 1 hour
  • Limoges - 1 hour 30 min
  • Bordeaux - 2 hours

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